The women who challenged Portugals dictatorship

Prior to 2007, those undergoing abortions faced up to three years in prison, except in cases of rape and danger to health. Salazar spread conservative propaganda that cemented the “state’s main duty to defend the family as an institution”, according to Cova and Pinto. 2.1.2 Prevalence of severe food insecurity in the adult population (%). 1.3.1 Proportion of population above statutory pensionable age receiving a pension.

  • She has taken Portugal’s name across borders and shown that despite the inequalities that still exist in sports and among athletes, consistency, hard work, and dedication make all the difference.
  • Regarding violence against women, the report states that legislation was passed in 1991 to guarantee protection for women victims of violence.
  • To support cooperation projects promoted by civil society organisations within the intervention scope of this plan.
  • She won the gold medal at the 2016 European Athletics Championships in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

A number of non-governmental organizations support women victims of violence. On the issue of employment, the report says that several laws were adopted to reinforce the right to equal opportunity for both men and women. As a result of those laws, several measures to support women beginning or returning to professional activity were adopted, including training programmes. Changes to the Constitution defined the promotion of equality between men and women as a fundamental task of the State. Legal protection against all forms of discrimination is now included in rights, liberties and personal guarantees.


In London and New York, theatres hosted readings from the book; women in Brussels and Paris marched in solidarity. In The Hague feminists climbed onto the roof of the Portuguese embassy and unfurled a banner. It banned the book, seizing copies on the grounds that the text was “irreparably pornographic and incompatible with public morality”.

In conclusion, she said she would do her best to follow the recommendations of the Committee. If there happened to be disagreement on some issues, it would be important to work together to reach an understanding. Speakers in the ensuing debate congratulated the country for the many policies and mechanisms put in place for the advancement of women. Committee Chairperson CHARLOTTE ABAKA thanked the delegation for its presentation of the report and congratulated the Government of Portugal for its extensive responses to the issues raised by the Pre-Session Working Group of the Committee. She also welcomed the ratification of the amendment to article 20.1 of the Convention on the Committee’s meetings and Portugal’s decision to ratify the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. She hoped the actual ratification would take place in the near future.

Portuguese women like to eat.

It was important to make the Parliament and the civil society aware of them. Another significant issue concerned the need to achieve parity in gender representation in politics. Traditionally, girls stayed at home to help their mothers around the house. Little by little, the Government was taking measures to rectify the situation. Among the recent steps were programmes directed at taking stock of women’s skills; the adjustment of school curricula; and computer training courses. Regarding violence against women, it was said that according to the statistics presented to the Committee, there was a high incidence of such violence in Portugal. However, only 205 men had been prosecuted for violence against women in 1999, and even fewer had been convicted.

In many cases, the subject of prostitution was not a subject of women’s choice, but of violence and trafficking in people. To combat trafficking in women, an inter-regional programme had been undertaken by Portugal in cooperation with Spain, taking into account the economic aspects of the problem. Joint efforts of the police were needed in both the countries of origin and the countries of destination. An expert noted that because of greater awareness of the problem of domestic violence thanks to a recently-undertaken programme, in 2000 five times more domestic violence cases had been recorded in the country. It was also important to deal with possible cases of pedophilia and child pornography. The report did not contain any data on alcoholism and drug dependency among women and youth.

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Eaving home one summer’s evening in 1971, Maria Teresa Horta noticed a car was following her. She had recently published a volume of poetry, “Minha Senhora de Mim” (“My Lady of Myself”), which reflected on female sexual pleasure. Portugal’s dictatorial regime, led by Marcello Caetano, did not approve. The goons in the car confronted Ms Horta, warning her not to write such smut again. Accustomed to the silence and tranquility typical of the Portuguese countryside, a small village in the Beira Baixa region, where the granite hills and…

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Furthermore, the study conducted by Henriques et al. revealed that body image satisfaction prior to pregnancy, as well as realistic perceptions of one’s own body, contributed to better weight control during the first four years following childbirth. In other words, the evidence suggests that the effect of motherhood on body image has a long-reaching effect. In addition, it is important to point out that these studies on motherhood focused mainly on the affective aspects of body image, which reinforces the need to study the perceptive dimension, which is less investigated at this level.

Ms. DA CUNHA REGO said that all the women’s rights under the Convention had been incorporated into the country’s national legislation. Recently, a new fundamental law had been promulgated, stating that everyone had a right to legal protection against any form of discrimination. Important changes had been instituted, obliging the State to promote change, instead of simply proclaiming the right to change. Once equality and non-discrimination had been decreed by the Constitution, the country had to emphasize that area. All individuals must be aware of the importance of bringing complaints regarding the quality of life. The main objectives of the Government included awareness-raising to eliminate stereotypes, strengthening of the role of men in family life, strengthening measures to reconcile personal and family life, and strengthening policies to eliminate violence against women.

However, this equality was not attained through steady progress, but rather after reverses and defeats. The maternal mortality rate in Portugal is 8.00 deaths/100,000 live births . This is low by global standards, but is still higher than many other Western countries.

1st Sergeant Maria Campinoswas also invited to share her recent experience in the Centro-African Republic, with the Portuguese battalion integrating the UN forces. She was there for 6 months leading a team of drivers of armored trucks and was commended for her performance in extremely hard conditions in a mission which integrated 8 other women.

In the last 48 years of democracy, much progress has been done to improve the lives and rights of women in Portugal. After the dictatorship, women had easier access to professions that were before excluded from women, as well as labor rights such as maternal leave, the abolishment of the right of husbands to open their wives’ mail, and universal suffrage. 5.c.1 Proportion of countries with systems to track and make public allocations for gender equality and women’s empowerment. GNR, the rural police forces, only started taking women in the year 2000. In 2020, only 7,5% of women are agents, and women make only 9,5% of top officers.

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